MY VIEW - Proposed changes to ALARM’s Constitution

Monday 16 March 2020

Part of my role as Company Secretary of ALARM is to be gatekeeper of the organisation’s governance arrangements. We are all rightly proud that ALARM is an association of risk and insurance managers; run for us, by us.

ALARM, the Public Risk Management Association is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. It provides a legal basis for everything that the association does, for example, allows us to enter into contracts with venues and sponsors and limits our collective liability. The Articles of Association are our Constitution; they set out the governance arrangements for how we operate in accordance with Company Law.

The Board has identified a number of serious risks associated with the ability of our members to commit time and resources to running the organisation and the sustainability of ALARM. We believe that changes to the Articles will mitigate those risks. In addition, there have been changes to Company Law since we last reviewed the Articles.

We are proposing to adopt the model articles of association for limited companies produced by Companies House. However, these do not include all of the governance arrangements that we have in our current Articles, specifically how the Board of Directors is constituted. We are proposing putting these into a separate document, subject to the Articles and called The Rules of ALARM.

The Board has been discussing various options in detail for nearly two years and we shared these with the chairs and representatives of the various branches of ALARM. They agreed with us that these proposals represented a good way forward. 

We will be providing more information about the proposed changes shortly and seeking your views through a formal consultation, before seeking approval of any changes at the Annual General Meeting. Our aim is to bring these changes into operation later this year.

Peter Andrews, Head of Risk and Information Governance, Hampshire County Council and ALARM Company Secretary. 

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