Wednesday 9 December 2020

With the growing number of large and complex fire claims, Zurich Municipal are concerned about the impact the losses have upon the wellbeing of the individuals and organisations involved. Over the last decade there have been 7,000 fires affecting education premises. This has resulted in a large impact to the communities involved. Pupils have had their education disrupted, staff have had to relocate or even lose their job and the community has lost a valuable asset. In addition, council staff faced extra pressure and demands providing assistance as the council's have a statutory duty to provide a place of education.

Davina Lonsdale, Chartered Insurer at Zurich Municipal, will look at the impact a fire loss will have on individuals and the community. She will explore the causes of fires and actions that can be taken to prevent them. She will discuss how you can manage your risk profile in respect of fire and changing building characteristics and challenges. With the likelihood and severity of large and complex fires increasing, the human cost of fire has never been greater. This has major implications for municipal organisations and the individuals and community they serve. Managing fire has never been so important.

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