Wednesday 10 March 2021

Matthew Suddards, Fire Investigator and James May, Materials Engineer at Burgoynes provide an overview of fires caused by maintenance work on buildings and maintenance of plumbing systems. 

Matthew focuses on incidents caused by hot work processes such as the application of torch-on roofing membranes.  

James discusses plumbing systems and highlights some particular areas in respect of hot and cold water supplies and closed systems. He also touches upon some failure types that Burgoynes frequently encounter and what can be done from a maintenance perspective to reduce such incidents.  

The webinar would be helpful to anyone involved with managing properties and associated plumbing systems. It is useful to understand the importance of controlling hot work and maintaining plumbing systems and some of the potential risks of not doing so.  

Matthew Suddards (matthew.suddards@burgoynes.com), Fire Investigator and James May (james.may@burgoynes.com), Materials Engineer at Burgoynes. 

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