Brexit and Security

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Brexit and Security


I’d appreciate some insights from ALARM colleagues on the following:

1. We’re reviewing the risks of a No-Deal Brexit Scenario (fairly urgently in advance of the debate in a few weeks). I’m guessing ALARM members are doing the same, but may be at a different stage of preparations and have some local differences. If anyone has a risk assessment, would you be happy to share it (and maybe circulate to all in ALARM Scotland?
Our Resilience (Emergency Planning Team) are leading on those aspects, we’re more interested in reviewing e.g. Procurement, Community Planning, Economy aspects.

2. Building Security – does anyone have a policy / guidance / risk assessment on visitors’ bag searches, and would you be willing to share it?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Brexit and Security

Hi Hugh

(1) Brexit - Scottish Government Resilience are making enquiries of all Scottish Local Authorities regarding their preparedness for Brexit. We've had to respond with submission on what we are doing on this. We have a corporate risk presently being scoped out that reflects our preparedness activity but it hasn't been finalised yet. Also we have a Readiness Steering Group being established with key stakeholders.

(2) Building Security - sorry we don't have a formal policy on this that I'm aware of. We certainly talk about it within our information security policy but nothing stand-alone.

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