Central Government & Agencies

Many departments face increasing challenges in managing and anticipating risk. We are always on hand to support our members in addressing the issues they face.

About the sector

Risk management is an integral part of working in Central Government departments and Agencies that help the people of the UK to go about their daily lives safely.

We are committed to helping our members across Central Government and Agencies, including the Department for Work and Pensions, Ministry of Justice, DVLA, DEFRA, Department for Transport, Department for Education and Children, and the Office for National Statistics, as well as a variety of other government departments and agencies.

Focus for the coming year

New challenges and risks can emerge from a variety of areas, and have a significant impact on the Government's ability to perform their duties.

As well as helping our members to deal with these situations, our focus is to:

  • Engage with Central and Local Government to represent member views on topical issues
  • Establish an active steering group - specifically targeted to address Government needs
  • Deliver training events to meet the requirements of our Government members.

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For more information, please contact Paul Dudley.  

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