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SHE health and safety system

Hi, does anyone use the above system for H & S management, and what are your thoughts on it? Or Do you use a different system? What are the pros/ cons?

Hi Joanne, very interested in

Hi Joanne, very interested in this thread as we're also currently looking at purchasing SHE for our incident reporting. We currently have an issue trying to work out how to treat joint incident reporting with the IJB. Sorry to answer your question with a question, but, how does Shetland deal with these joint operational risk areas?

Hi Rebecca, good question!

Hi Rebecca, good question! We are currently looking at how we take data from our current system and from the NHS Datix system, identify key common fields, and analyse the collective incidents from across the area as one. The barriers have been more around DPA and sensitivities around data sharing (including within this org). Still working on demonstrating that it is a workable, practical approach.
Cheers, Joanne

Hi Rebecca,

Hi Rebecca,
SHE is one of the systems we are looking at as part of our Business Case for a new system. I was just wondering if you went ahead with SHE, or did you go with another software company? Any tips/advice would be welcome.
Regards, Catherine


Hi Catherine
Apologies for the very late response, however we did go ahead with SHE if you still have any questions about it

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