Schools Staff Absence (Sickness and Accident) databases

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Schools Staff Absence (Sickness and Accident) databases

We currently run an inhouse self funded sickness and accident scheme for school staff. We use Esphera to calculate the payments. My question is which systems do you use to calculate your payments?

I am struggling to find any alternative to Esphera, so would be gateful for any advice on which systems you use, or if you calculate manually using spreadsheets or have developed your own systems.

Many thanks
Jo-anne Sissons
Insurance and Risk Manger
East Riding of Yourkshire Council

Hi Jo-anne, at Doncaster we

Hi Jo-anne, at Doncaster we calculate manually using spreadsheets. I've been informed by those involved that it's actually easier to do that than use Esphera, which we previously had.

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