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Risk Management Software

Hi all!

Risk Management Software, what are peoples thoughts? I have spoken to a few council's up and down the country already and it seems like it's on a lot of people's to do lists. I know a few councils have gone for bespoke self made options, whilst others are looking to purchase already existing shiny systems.

Is anyone going through the process of searching or implementing a new system as we speak? Has anyone invested in systems in the past and reverted back to word, excel etc?

Please reach out be interesting to hear others experiences.



it's topical for me as my organisation uses Jcad software which is quite highly regarded in the social housing sector. It is fairly easy to use but has limitations. From a reporting perspective excel seems more straightforward than word. We are about 50% down the line with embedding the system but, speaking to other RPs, they still produce excel / word reports alongside.

RM Software

Hi Dena,

Thanks for responding, you're very right in saying its topical most Risk Managers I have spoken to have admitted they are still thinking about whether to implement software or not. After I originally posted in this forum I actually did a bit of a software market research exercise. I looked at around 17 different software systems, they varied in price, size and functionality. From this exercise my local authority now intend to implement a software system, the aim of the system will hopefully enhance reporting whilst also helping improve our risk culture and stakeholder buy in. Other Risk Professionals I have spoken to have conducted similar exercises and have chosen not to pursue risk management software, opting to save money and time by sticking with Word and Excel. Those who decided to go with some form of RM software tend to stick close to home and use internally available software such as a SharePoint, Word Excel hybrid, Pentana or software like JCAD.

It would be interesting to get more feedback and thoughts around RM software to see if there are any common themes with ALARM Members. Ultimately I think its not about the system itself, I think it is more about what system will suit your organisation and for some people that is no system at all!

Risk management software

Hi Harry

We use Pentana to record and report on our risks. As we use this as our main performance mgt system people are used to it and i found that a big plus when rolling out the risk module.

Take care


Hi Harry

Hi Harry

In South Ayrshire we used to use Pentana but it has its limitations in terms of risk reporting. We looked into Riskmate but, again, we felt it was extremely limited in its capabilities. We've now gone back to the old fashioned Word documents! Hope this helps.


Hello - no software but we

Hello - no software but we use SharePoint to house our risk registers and landing platforms through links to populate / update the risk with the list function. We can download these lists into excel if required. Then monthly for extreme and high-level risks and quarterly for the rest a word doc exception report is produced together with a snapshot of performance.

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