coronavirus / COVID-19

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coronavirus / COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic is a crisis like none of us have ever experienced before, and is clearly testing our BCP's and general resilience. Looking down the line, there are clear risks which will present at the end of the crisis:
- organisation financial stability
- stability / survival of suppliers / partners
- impact on our High Streets
- local and macro economic impact
- transport (local / national links)

to name but a few.

Is there any interest from anyone out there in establishing a forum (conference calls / online) to consider the risks which we face down the line, the impacts of these and potential controls / mitigants we can look at? Some risks may be more relevant to rural councils and some to city / urban, but perhaps we could come up with a comprehensive RR which could be shared around as a 'pick list' for all.

Any interest, please let me know and I can organise (from my home office!!).

All the best, and hope you are all keeping well and virus free.


Risks during and After Covid-19

Hi - just catching up on feeds, I would be interested to join the discussions.

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