Covid-19 Insurance

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Covid-19 Insurance

Good Morning All. I hope everyone is well and managing to get through these difficult times.

I have a query relating to COVID-19 insurance generally but specifically in relation to construction projects. We, (East Ayrshire Council), have recently had tender returns with exclusions which appear to be extremely restrictive for any direct or indirect impacts in connection to this. Our insurer (ZM) are in the final stage of discussions regarding our own cover with respect as to what impact this may have going forward. I would be interested to know if any other members have come across this yet and to what extent? It would also be helpful to know what control measures/mitigation is in place for such projects should there be a second wave or outbreak in your area. Happy to discuss and share our own insurance arrangements, control measures, risk assessments, etc. This is something that will affect us all and unless there is standard wording produced, will have to be monitored closely.

Thanks - stay safe.

Euan Syme

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