Cyber Liability Insurance

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Cyber Liability Insurance

Hi just looking to see if other local councils have cyber liability cover in place, are considering it or have considered and have chosen not to take it?

Hi - East Ayrshire Council

Hi - East Ayrshire Council have considered this cover at renewal for the previous three years. Each time it has been decided that the cover available is too porous for want of a better word. The market still appears to be aimed towards damage limitation/business continuity/reputational impact,etc which comes with a lot of "reasonable precautions" being in place before the cover will react. It is also extremely vague in terms of determining cost of impact which is understandable as this is not always tangible. At the time of writing it is felt that finances are better utilised investing in cyber security/awareness training, etc for preventative purposes.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Euan

Seems to be the general consensus across a few Councils I have approached.

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