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I'm about to create an E-Learning package on Risk Management for East Lothian Council,

I just wanted to check if there is anyone out there who have created this for their organisation and if so if they'd be willing to share the questions they asked?

Scott Kennedy


Hi Scott, we have an elearning course set up on the 'brightwave' platform - happy to share the content of that with you. I'll talk to our Training Team and see if we can get you some access. Regards, Karen

This sounds really

This sounds really interesting and is something I have considered developing.

Karen, what has engagement been like with this and do you feel it has helped to improve practices?


Hi - we have developed e learning at strategic and operational level and the take up has been very positive as part of the overall risk management training. I am out of the office currently but will ask my colleague to share some information.


I work with Mandy and helped to develop the E-Learning for Risk in Lincolnshire County Council.
If you would like to drop me an email, we would be happy to share the questions we've used.
My email is: kevin.lane@lincolnshire.gov.uk


Hi Kevin

This is something we are also looking at Cheshire Fire & Rescue. Would you be willing to share with us also, we are part of a joint collaboration team with Cheshire police. Email: chris.astall@cheshire.pnn.police.uk.

Thank You


Sorry for late reply - We have an Introduction to Risk Management e-learning module which helpfully our Corporate Management Team agreed woul dbe mandatory for all staff every 2 years and is included in induction for any new employees. Monitoring the uptake however is a little more difficult until we get a new Learning & Development system linked to HR system which will track much more accurately.

HI Scott

HI Scott

We also use Brightwave, or I can send you some screenshots. If you send me an email I'll pass it onto our OD Team. We borrowed heavily from Karen's e-learning when we first developed it around 2010 (Thanks Karen!). Since then we've kept a similar structure but added more varied and recent case studies and examples.

Risk Management Group agendas

Hi folks, our Risk Management Group wants to review our approach/agenda so I just wanted to do a little bit of scanning across other authorities for the content of your standard agenda for any Risk Management working/steering groups that you run in your organisation. My email is anthonyl@northlan.gov.uk if you are willing to share yours that would be awesome. Many thanks, Lauren

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