Freedom of Information Requests

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Freedom of Information Requests

Please post any discussion regarding freedom of information requests here.

Highways Claims Data

Does anyone publish Highways claims data to reduce the number of pothole related FOI requests? If so, do you include the incident location?

Highways Claims Data

We are having a meeting with our Business Intelligence colleagues next week to discuss potentially publishing datasets on claims. The main reason being to save officer time compiling individual FOI responses by signposting requesters to online datasets. I would be extremely reluctant to include locations. What are your views on this topic?

Highways Claims Data

We're working on this as part of implementing a new claims management system. We're thinking of using our "location" field to record "Council land" or "school" or "highway" etc. and publish these; and use other fields to record more precise details (which will not form part of the published data).

Highways Claims Data

We have a link on our website to claims data for the last ten policy years showing number of all tp claims by year split to open/paid/repudiated and then repeated for highways claims only. It was driven by a hopeful request from communications team rather than any altruistic feelings on my part as it seems to have made no difference to the FOI requests which inevitably ask for something similar to but not quite what this data provides.

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