Have you revised your strategic risks because of Covid-19

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Have you revised your strategic risks because of Covid-19

Has anyone started work on a review including additions of their strategic risks? Have you identified emerging risks around recovery?


Strategic Risk Register

Hi Pam, we have established a standalone Covid Risk Register which is intended to identify, manage and report on strategic risks for the orgsnisation. This is reported fortnightly to Exec Director Team. In addition, there is an operational 'Recovery Risk Register' which is in the process of being developed. Not sure how the council's Corporate Risk Register needs to reflect the above and to avoid duplication

Covid-19 risk registers

Hi has anyone got anything they would be willing to share as best practice in terms of Covid-19 risks,

Covid 19 Risk Register

I can let you have a list of the risks that we have identified and are managing if you let me have your contact details.

Strategic Risk register

We have not prepared a separate Covid risk register but we have reviewed all of our strategic risks and continue to do so with a fortnightly update to our Board.
We are definitely looking for the opportunities within recovery and looking to identify which practices we can leave behind and which practices we can move forward with.

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