Friday 18 December 2020

ALARM is delighted to launch Climate change ambition to action, the second in a new series of guides this autumn/winter. We are pleased to continue to offer our guidance documents as a core benefit included in ALARM membership. 

This guide intends to help risk professionals understand the risks associated with climate change and implement plans to mitigate those risks.

Each section starts with a practitioner-led story that focuses on a particular aspect of climate change adaptation from a personal point of view. It's a chance to read case studies, scenarios, best practice and lessons learnt at a time when it is more difficult to share professional experiences in person.

Each of the section stories finishes with guidance on dos and don's, outlining the main points the author wants to communicate with ALARM members. This is followed by the second part of the section, contributed by a sponsor, communicating their expertise on an allied subject.

The five sections in the guide are:

  • Mapping transition risks and opportunities 
  • Dundee City Council's climate change action plan
  • A giant carbon neutral leap for Nottingham homes
  • Learning from past flood events
  • Protecting York from flooding.

All those with published pieces in this guide have agreed to answer emails from ALARM members to share views, ideas and questions on the respective topics. If you would like to engage more with members and practitioners, there is ALARM's LinkedIn page, or go to the discussion forum on the ALARM website.


We hope you enjoy and take something from this guide. If you would like to see more on any of these topics do get in touch. Also, we welcome feedback on the content, style and format to help inform future publications. Please contact the ALARM Office.

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