Meet the member - DAVID FORSTER

Tuesday 14 January 2020

In this week's Meet the Member we speak to David Forster, Insurance Claims Handler at Doncaster Council and member of the ALARM North Branch Committee.

What is your role and what are your main responsibilities?

I am an Insurance Claims Handler for Doncaster Council’s Claims Team. I fully investigate all manner of employers' and public liability and road traffic accident claims involving personal injury and property damage. I also provide general insurance advice and support to departments within the Council and feedback any identified risk management issues following settlement of claims.

How long have you been an ALARM member?

I have been a member of ALARM since joining Doncaster Council’s Insurance Team in October 2016. All of the claims handlers in the Team are members of ALARM as the Council holds a corporate membership which also allows for members of staff from other departments to attend events and seminars that are relevant to their areas of work.

How long have you been an ALARM committee member?

I joined the North Committee in July 2019.

What made you want to join the North committee?

The idea was first suggested to me by my manager, Wayne Rigby, who is also the ALARM President. Having attended numerous events hosted by various law firms, insurers and ALARM themselves over the course of my three years within the Team, I saw an opportunity to be involved in shaping the way some of these events were run and the content they provided.

What is involved in being a committee member?

In the short time I have so far served on the committee I have mainly been involved with the planning and organising of ALARM events. Using the feedback and comments from members to decide on what topics should be addressed and then finding the right people to present the sessions. We do this together and it is important to recognise each other’s talents and areas of expertise.

What do you get out of being an ALARM committee member?

I cannot stress enough how important the networking opportunities have been to me. I have been introduced to some very interesting people from various other sectors and speaking to these people gives you the chance to look at the things you deal with on a daily basis from a different perspective.

What would you say to any members considering joining an ALARM committee or focus group?

Go for it! You need to be prepared to dedicate some of your time and it is beneficial if you already have an established network of contacts that you can call upon. However this is not necessary and the opportunities afforded to you to make those contacts and also influence the way things will be done in the future is invaluable.

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