MY VIEW - Goodbye Board!

Wednesday 17 April 2019

In June I will have been an ALARM Director for nine years and will step down as an elected board member. It is time for a new ALARM Director to take my place - maybe you!

“I have embraced a range of opportunities that I would not have had access to in my day job.”

The role of an ALARM Director is rewarding but not an easy task. Juggling your own job, while giving time to ALARM is a balancing act, but from my personal experience, it is worth it. Importantly, it has been immensely enjoyable.

The rewards range from a sense of achievement in helping others benefit from ALARM products and services, to one’s own personal development.

I was Chair for a combined total of almost three years, as well as Company Secretary and Finance Director. For over six years I have led on sponsorship: trying to demonstrate value to partners in return for their support.

Being a hands-on Director provides opportunities to be involved in projects, including guidance and publications. I am proud that I have led on and contributed to some of our key publications, including our member journal stronger and its previous incarnation, PublicRM.

Along with the current ALARM Chair, I led on the rebranding exercise and rollout of the new website. These have been satisfying and successful projects to be involved in.

How would I sum up being an ALARM Board Director?

Challenging, sometimes frustrating (in getting things moving) but exciting and rewarding; from a personal development perspective and in supporting others.

I have embraced a range of opportunities that I would not have had access to in my day job. These have included performance managing a CEO; shaping the strategic direction of an organisation; and setting the annual budget of the organisation; not to mention commissioning a Conference illustration!

I did not realise when I first joined ALARM how much my experiences would shape my personal development.

I have also become more knowledgeable about many diverse issues associated with risk management in public services. In fact, being a Director of ALARM has fed back into my day job and has helped my career progression. I would not have understood market and industry developments and strategic and operational issues so well if I had not been part of ALARM.

Hello Board!

Now it is time for me to pass on the baton to the next generation of ALARM Directors. This may be the end of an era for me, but it could be just the beginning of something really good for you.

If you want to know more about Board membership, please get in touch with me, any other director, or the ALARM Office. You don’t have to be senior in your organisation or have been in your post long. You don’t have to be a risk expert, because this role helps you become one. If you are transferring across from other departments or related disciplines, you are welcome to apply.

The Board benefits from a mix of skills and expertise.

Please consider putting yourself forward for board nomination. Or if you feel you could contribute in another way, do consider joining a group committee or focus group, or bring something new to the stronger Editorial Panel.

ALARM’s USP is the professional network it gives members access to, and the enthusiastic support that network provides across all levels, sectors and subject matter. By joining the Board, you become another link in the chain that keeps the ALARM network strong.

We are seeking nominations for the Board of Directors. Nominees must be full, voting members of ALARM. If you are unsure of your current member status, please contact the ALARM Office.

Deadline for nominations is 17:00 on Wednesday 8 May 2019. 

Wayne Rigby, ALARM Finance Director, Communications Lead.

A longer version of this blog will be published in Spring stronger, out 8 May.

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