Monday 13 July 2020

This year has seen huge transformation across the globe. From changes in the way we work, to how we interact with friends and family.

ALARM has also experienced many changes to the way we operate and deliver our services. Our offering has flexed to meet your needs in response to the crisis.

We have increased the number of webinars we produce to offer a virtual alternative to face-to-face seminars. We have worked with members, sponsors and partners to provide informative web news items on timely topics. Board directors have shared their thoughts so you get to know them better through their blogs.

For the first time ever, the ALARM AGM was held virtually on Tuesday 23 June. Voting was conducted electronically over a two-week period. Over 85 members voted on the resolutions we proposed: the largest member vote in our history.

The new ALARM

We need to be agile, efficient and sustainable to continue to bring you a quality experience to support you in your professional lives. We asked you, our members, to support our proposal to update our Articles of Association to ensure ALARM remains current and resilient.

Our new Articles of Association have been unanimously accepted.

What does this mean for you?

  • The ALARM Board now have scope to operate more fluidly, strengthening succession planning.
  • There is greater opportunity for members to be involved in planning ALARM’s future, whether as a Board Director or as part of our new Advisory Panel, which will act as a stepping stone between the Board and the wider membership.
  • There is now greater flexibility of Board Director tenure, which provides members with an opportunity to be a Board Director for a shorter period of time. Now you can commit to a 12-month minimum.

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