Webinar Wednesday - Data! Data! Data!

Wednesday 22 December 2021

Data protection has moved to the top of the risk register, both in terms of regulatory and legal liability and reputational fallout.  

Civil data breach claims tend to be low-value but involve disproportionately high cost. This webinar will help members learn how to identify problem claims which should be resolved at an early stage if possible  

Data protection and personal data breaches make the news nearly every day, and we’re seeing more and more attritional civil claims in their wake. This webinar will provide members with the current landscape of data protection legislation, litigation and where the UK’s privacy regime may be heading post-Brexit.   

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Steve Kuncewicz (steve.kuncewicz@blmlaw.com) is Partner and Head of BLM’s Creative, Digital & Marketing Sector Group. 

Steve specialises in intellectual property, media, data protection and communications-related issues, working mainly with the creative, digital, technology and advertising sector, with a nationally-recognised niche specialism in issues involving social media. 

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