Wednesday 13 October 2021

In conjunction with ALARM, chaired by Louise Bedford, Kennedys’ occupational disease specialists provide a round-up on hot topics affecting local authorities and public sector organisations:

  • Philippa Craven discusses long-COVID and what we know currently and the steps that are being taken to tackle it. Philippa provides an update on the potential issues that may arise for local authorities due to long-COVID.
  • Cameron Clark looks at the potential for personal injury claims arising from exposure to diesel fumes and air pollution whilse considering the landmark coroners decision in the inquest of Ella Kissi-Debra. Cameron also looks at when liability is likely to arise and the potential cohort of claimants and defendants in such claims.
  • David Bywater discusses working from home risks including stress at work and work related neck and upper limb disorder (WRULD) and the impact COVID-19 had on these claims.
  • Gary Brankin provides an overview of asbestos related claims including: what occupations/professions are most at risk? When are levels of exposure enough to cause mesothelioma? When was asbestos banned in the UK? How long will we see asbestos claims for?

If you have any questions following the webinar, please contact the speakers listed above directly.

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