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Risk Management Group - Meeting Agenda

Hi folks, our Risk Management Group wants to review our approach/agenda/meeting focus so I just wanted to do a little bit of scanning across other authorities for the content of your standard agenda for any Risk Management working/steering groups that you run in your organisation.
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Hi Lauran, we have recently

Hi Lauran, we have recently rearranged the format for Risk Board. Each meeting has a theme, and the agenda now looks something like this:
Directorate briefings - each Director presents a short briefing, can be verbal, written, whatever suits, and is connected to the theme or is a significant risk. Tis is a space for exception reporting, free discussion etc;
Corporate and confidential corporate risk registers are reported with analysis;
Theme report;
Risk business report(s) - can be on any relevant topic - strategic or operational, one or more reports from Rm team or others;
Proper Officer's report - (One a quarter, revolving between Section 95 officer, Monitoring Officer, Chief Social Work Officer, and 4th q is contingency space for additional report or is not used);

The briefings seem to work better as it moves away from five identical Directorate Risk Register reports which is what we used to get. Directors are more engaged and more solution-focussed. The Proper Officer reports help connect and take a 360 degree view of risks.

Cheers, Joanne


Hi Lauren,
Our risk forum meets quarterly at the Extended Senior Leadership Group (Chief Exec, 3 Directors, Health & Care Chief Officer and Chief SW, Edu, S95 & Monitoring Officers). The agenda's based on current big issues - we each do a 1-page report & verbal update (incidents & progress, new developments/legislation, key risks & required actions - some include figures for departmental completion of mandatory training). At the moment, attendees cover: Building Security, Civil Contingencies/EU Withdrawal, Counter-terrorism, Serious Organised Crime, Health & Safety, IT/Cyber Security, Information Governance, Internal Audit & Procurement. Then I do a general round-up of broader risk management arrangements/topics/training, including recent Best Value Assurance Reports, other areas raised by ALARM, Audit Scotland, etc. and resources available from the Improvement Service & other national bodies.

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