Risk Management in Partnerships

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Risk Management in Partnerships

I am looking at risk management in partnerships and wondered if anyone has completed this piece of work. I am struggling with how you gain risk assurance from partnerships if you are a 'working group' or not necessarily the lead accountable body, how do you ensure that risk management is in place and how you incorporate it.

Risk Management in Partnerships

Hi Debbie,
there are various types of 'delivery arrangements' and I found numerous partnership risk assessments / tools online - each authority needs to understand their own risks associated with any partnership (and some partnerships will have their own risk management for the partnership).
We have been looking at an approach which assesses the significance of the partnership - identifying resource input and any ongoing liability (such as staffing costs for lead partner), the extent of reliance on the partnership for achieving corporate objectives, governance arrangements eg. decision making, oversight, any potential for conflict, clarity on roles and responsibilities, exit arrangements (and impact on partners of the exit of a member), performance management, equality arrangements, legal implications, any potential indemnity considerations etc
Your Governance arrangements as a contributor to the 'partnership' will be proportionate to risks - for any delivery arrangement you need to understand what it is there to do / how it works / what are the implications to your authority - and for a working group with low risks (low resource input / low contribution to corporate objectives / low impact etc) you would have a much lower level of sign off for participation, and lower expectations of oversight / reporting, than you would for something more significant

Risk Management in Partnerships

Thanks for your reply Angie - very helpful.


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