Risk Management Systems / Applications

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Risk Management Systems / Applications

I am currently looking at options to replace our in-house developed, SQL based Risk System.
I have previously used Safeguard, SharePoint and CAMMS systems but am looking at alternatives.
If anyone is using something different (and it works!!) I'd appreciate you getting I touch.
Many thanks

Risk Management Systems / Applications

Hi Bradley - at my last authority, Norfolk County Council we started to use in phase but this was predominately a performance system with a risk management add on..... the process somewhat overtook the value of the benefits so a decision was taken to stop using the risk element.... that was 3-4 years ago so it might have improved since then. We do not have a bespoke system at Lincolnshire.

Risk Management Systems/Applications

Hi Brad
Congrats on your new role. As you know we have a bespoke system for recording and monitoring our risk registers, to be honest I have looked a quite a few systems in the past which do not really offer any more than we have. You are welcome to pop over the Pennines to Cheshire and have another look.

Risk Management Systems / Applications

Hi Mandy & Chris - good to hear from you and thanks for the feedback.

Kind regards



I've had JCADCore for about 10 years, happy to show and tell if you wish.

Somerset County Council

Market Abuse Regulations

Hi -
Could anyone let me know of any training material that they may use to make staff aware of Market abuse? software, e-learning etc


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