RM Strategy - Pandemics?

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RM Strategy - Pandemics?

I hope this reaches everyone safe and well. I am in the midst of giving our RM strategy it's bi-annual refresher and was wondering if anyone had included pandemics in theirs? If so was there specific mention of Covid-19? I am finding including such challenging as the situation is still fluid and therefore difficult to generalise. Could I ask for feedback either way please to get a general feel of where it sits strategy-wise, control measures, etc? Thank you.

Euan Syme - East Ayrshire Council

We have a section on COVID-19

We have a section on COVID-19 Resilience Risks - in relation to recovery and business continuity aspects;

But mainly, the impacts are captured within the Latest Notes section on existing risks - and it's been cross-referenced to external sources eg Audit Scotland's recent assessment of COVID risks.

Sorry, in answer to your

Sorry, in answer to your specific question.

No, we don't specifically record Pandemics .

As well as capturing the COVID impacts on all relevant corporate risks; we have a broad risk of Resilience: Emergency Planning - this makes a cross-reference to the Regional Resiliecornce Partnership's Risk Preparedness Assessment (Community / National Emergencies). This risk was already listed before COVID-19, but now, we are introducing reviews / deep dives of 'sub risk registers' because they get overlooked in the wider risk register.

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