Third Sector

With over 166,000 voluntary organisations registered in the UK, many with an annual income under £10 million our work with the Third Sector is as diverse as it is rewarding.

About the sector

With so much change happening within the Third Sector it's more important than ever to consider the risks that can have an impact on the vital and diverse work carried our by these organisations.

People lie at the heart of the Third Sector which is why we strive to:

  • Support the estimated 850,000 staff and estimated 22% of the adult population who take part in formal volunteering at least once a month
  • Work on a collaborative basis with the businesses that work with Third Sector organisations to achieve their aims.

Focus for the coming year

We work hard to meet the challenge of providing the latest, most up-to-date risk management advice and support for Third Sector organisations, who can often be working in dangerous and hostile environments.

Our focus for the coming year is to:

  • Develop training sessions to highlight the role of risk management within the sector
  • Build relationships with key Third Sector organisations and their representing bodies
  • Encourage a thriving network of support for Third Sector members
  • Deliver topical and relevant events highlighting the key issues affecting members.

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